Summer Bag Edit

If you've been following summer trends, then you know there are certain types of bags that have popped up EVERYWHERE. Of course there are the "it" bags, but with so many choices out there, why splurge on just one when you could ration your bag budget and get them all? Below I have recapped the hottest bags for summer 2017 at all different price points:

1).  The Basket Bag: these bags woven from raffia and other natural materials are with-a-doubt the most worn item this year. Their neutral tone make them perfect for any color scheme, and they are a great addition to any espadrille! 

2). The Bracelet Clutch: perfect for a night out on the town, this practical bag is a mashup of jewelry and storage. Be sure to pair down your items to necessities only, as these tend to be on the smaller side.

3). The Bucket Bags: This bag is everywhere, and with good reason. It adds a dynamic piece to any outfit, and if you like to carry your life with you inside of your purse, this fits all. You can even fit your bracelet bag inside of your bucket bag for easy storage.

4). The Circle Bag: A relatively new and exciting shape in the past few years, the circle bag brings a sense of spunk and excitement. They are reminiscent of old school hat bags, and therefore make any outfit instantly more exotic.  

5). The Netted Bag: Similar to the basket bag, this neutral carryall can be used from running errands to a night out. Because the safari style is in right now, this is perfect bag for all fashionistas. 

6). Edible Bags: What screams fun under the summer sun more than a bag of fruit? Made of [embroidered] fruit, that is. These bags are sure to satisfy your hunger for fashion.