Finding Inspiration

This morning I had an absolute meltdown. We’ve all been there: standing in front of my closet, heaps of hangers and clothes now strewn on the floor. And yet standing amongst a sea of clothing that once made me feel so good in the dressing room, I felt I had utterly nothing to wear. Today was the first warm, sunny day NYC has seen in a long time. I have been looking forward to this day, blogging about the nice weather to come and dreaming up outfits that I could wear- and yet when it finally came, I felt resentment; Resentment towards my closet that it wasn’t somehow full of every up-to-date trend and designer piece, resentment towards my body for letting myself gain a few pounds and suddenly not looking the way I want to in the clothes that I own.

But after the resentment subsided (thanks to my once-a-day Lexapro probably), and the compulsion to open my laptop and PrimeNow every article of clothing Amazon has to offer passed, I sat on my bed and tried to remember what it is that I love about style, and ways to re-inspire myself.

While this scenario may read like a chapter straight out of White Girl Problems, or a tweet followed by the hash tag “firstworldproblems”, it is something that I, and many other people that I know, struggle with. Personal style, to me, goes way past material items. I look forward to getting up every morning and putting together an outfit that shows who I am, what I’m feeling, and what I am going to accomplish that day. Some days that means a blazer and heels; other days it's track pants and sneakers. When I’m stuck in a fashion rut, I often have to remind myself of these goals, and look towards those staple pieces that make me feel most like me. Most of the time this means a cropped wide leg pant, a vintage tee, and a pair of white sneakers or slides. Maybe a cool belt or jacket if I’m feeling inspired. But beyond this perfect outfit formula lays a whole world of style inspiration. And crafting the perfect getup after surfing the many muses, sites and pictures I keep in my arsenal is actually a pretty monumental way to start your day, in my opinion. Here, I am sharing three tools that I use to inspire my personal style and ignite a creative spark. That being said, this list is constantly growing and changing, and I welcome any added thought; what inspires you?

1. Instagram

This may the most obvious, after all it is 2017- but Instagram offers SO MUCH DAMN inspiration they should call it Inspogram (wow am I a 20-something blogger or a 40-year-old dad?). The "save" feature allows you to save any and every picture that comes up on your feed, and with the newest feature, you can sort those saved pictures into categories like spring style inspo, fashion quotes, or even pics of cute dogs (because what gives us more life than a collection of flat-faced dog pics?). Here are some of my favorite fashion girls to follow on IG: 

omg WHAT how'd that last one get in there sooo embarrassing?!. Sigh. But as Mindy Kaling says, "It's so weird being my own role model".

2. Pinterest 

Another obvious but oh-so-rewarding source of everything inspirational is Pinterest. Much like the IG "sort" feature on steroids, Pinterest allows you to spend hours perusing pictures and websites that can give off the biggest spark of style inspo. I personally have my Pinterest Boards organized by seasonal clothing, including a separate one for transition seasons, as well as a board dedicated to my style icons (Olivia Palermo, SJP, Alexa Chung and Anna Wintour are the stars of this board), and a board for those oh so expensive garments that I one day dream of owning. Pro tip: download the Pinterest Button onto your browser so that anytime you come across something you want to remember, it will always be a click of a button away. 


Confused? Let me explain. I am lucky enough to work 3 blocks from the Barneys NY Chelsea location. Anytime I am feeling down, stressed, or uninspired I take my lunch breaks in the store. Meaning I use one full hour to walk around, touch the buttery leathers, try on the $900 shoes, and breathe in that inimitable smell of brand spankin' new handbag. This experience undoubtedly awakens my soul. I've even made friends with the people that work there, that's how happy it makes me! If you are feeling uninspired in life, regardless of the subject, I highly recommend checking out the handy work of those that you aspire to be like.