So much of what I love about fashion these days is that it's all about breaking rules. It is now acceptable (and encouraged) to wear sneakers with formal wear, mix blacks with blues, and show off socks under sandals. While we have moved on from the antiquated  "no white before Memorial Day" rule, there is still a case to be made for the Little White Dress replacing the ever-popular LBD for those months between Memorial Day and Labor Day. No longer is it about following suit in ones summer color palette, but a sign of the sunny skies, pool parties, and showing off a really great tan. If an all black ensemble is a sign of power, a monochrome little white dress and some espadrilles is a sign of femininity and optimism for new begininngs ahead. I have admittedly been hoarding some LWD options for warmer days, and below I have rounded up some of my favorites for you!