Spring Time in NYC

Ahh, Spring time in New York. After what feels like a lifetime of long coats, hats, boots and scarves, I decided to finally pull the plug and get my first open-toed-shoe pedicure of the season this weekend. But of course, this is New York, and things are never that simple. After a Saturday in the high 80's, Mother Nature decided to pull a 180 on us and serve up a windy, gray-skied Sunday. With the ever-changing temps in NYC, you never know if you'll need a flip-flop or an OTK (just kidding, I wouldn't be caught dead in flip-flops). Thank God for layers, am I right? I threw on the coziest of cozy turtlenecks over a black slip, paired with bright white sneakers to combat whatever weather was thrown my way. Layers really are a godsend when it comes to starting your day in the 80's, ending in the mid-60's, and everything in between. Click the images below to shop some of my favorite go-to layering pieces.