Skin Care in Your Mid-20'S

Living in NYC means you are constantly on the go. Between workout classes, day jobs, happy hours and side gigs, no one has time to create an Instagram-ready face every day. This is why I’m so dependent on having good skin to slather up with a nice BB cream and go.

That being said, I’m kind of loving where the direction of today’s skin care is headed. As the palest person I know – the nickname my friends so kindly bestowed upon me in high school was Snowflake – the fact that tanning is now seen as “uncool” is a total relief. More and more products today are infused with SPF, and makeup and skincare companies are using words such as “natural” and “barely there” to market their products.

 Full disclaimer*, I have self-diagnosed my soon-to-be 25 year-old face with adult acne. It really sucks. So as my New Years resolution I made it my goal to get my face right! I knew this was going to be a big expense, but thanks to the man I got a pretty hefty tax return this year, and straight to the interwebs I went!

It turns out skin care products are like, crazy hard to navigate. There are literally hundreds of brands that each boast so many benefits and healing powers it can make your head spin. Not only did I find it hard to narrow down brands that I wanted to throw my money at, but I didn’t know what kind of products I necessarily needed. Did I need a retinol? An oil? A serum? Should I just ask my derm about a face transplant?

Luckily, I discovered the website beautypedia, which allowed me to sift through tons of professional and customer reviews of brands that had jumped out at me. After countless reviews, samples and trials, I am confidently able to recommend to you my personal fave and new go-to skin care brand: Drunk Elephant.

Created by a mother on a mission to find the perfect skincare solution, Tiffany Masterson created Drunk Elephant to minimize exposure to toxins, synthetic fragrances and allergens. It’s even gentle enough for kids to use! You can brag to your *politically involved*  friends that it's made in the U.S., and to your vegan friends that its cruelty-free! Plus, the packaging is not only totally chic, but v smartly made to reduce any oxygen from sneaking in and oxidizing the products. (Go science!)

While I still get the occasional pimple, I sleep soundly at night knowing that I am prepping my skin to age as gracefully as a fine wine. And if this entices you anymore (not that this post is sponsored in any way because, LOL), Leandra Medine of Man Repeller called their C-Firma Day Serum an RL “Instagram filter X-Pro II”.